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zombie mortgage resolution practitioners…..and other thought’s…..

The following came to me as a comment on one of my recent posts from arthurohara, it was so good I have converted it to an actual post, have a good read……… I like many other good citizens have gone through some unique circumstances, which have added significantly to pain and suffering both physical and […]

Those unaware are unaware of being unaware…..A Mortgage is Not a Contract….

“A Mortgage Is Not A Contract” From a US website but the fundamentals are the same, it’s the ramifications that are the problem, action will require a complete uturn from everything we have been conditioned to believe from a very young age, the fraud perpetrated is so gigantic that I fear we will never make […]

Banks and Morality..do they exist in the same sphere?….

…or is it the case that never the twain can meet? Is high finance the be all and end all of human existence? is it possible to incorporate moral clauses into financial contracts? is there a requirement for such clauses? Who says that the term of lets say a Mortgage Contract must be set in […]

Margaret Hanrahan…a giant of a woman…who deserves our support

I spent the best part of the day with Margaret Hanrahan at her farm in Burncourt, Tipperary on Tuesday of this week, I left there humbled by the resolve and sheer tenacity of this woman, but I suppose when I listened to her story which is harrowing, uplifting and a testament to her strong character it is […]

A Gentle Reminder……

Circulated to all Irish TD’s today and with thanks to my friend : Christopher M.Quigley B.Sc. (Maj.Accounting), M.I.I (Grad,), M.A. http://www.wealthbuilder.ie   Ireland’s future depends on breaking free from the bailout debt free… No thanks to the Irish Central Bank Who Destroyed  The Irish Governments And Minister Lenihan’s  Negotiatng Position.   Irish Times Saturday May 7th. […]

Armoin Residential Securities Ltd….Irish Nationwide’s weapon of financial destruction

On the eve of a hopefully successful display of ordinary people’s disgust at the impending sale of 13,000 plus Irish Homeowners Mortgages to unknown entities, probably foreign Vulture Funds I have taken a top-level look at Irish Nationwide Building Society’s parting salvo to the Irish People, the sale of 10,487 Residential Irish Mortgages which took […]

People are dying in debt and desperation

Carol Hunt: People are dying in debt and desperation With the pain being shared so unevenly, the coping classes are no longer coping. Email Print Font Size  85 Share CAROL HUNT – 14 JULY 2013 ‘A CHILD has died,” the coroner said, “from starvation” in inner city Dublin. The “abnormally large unemployment problem” is decimating the country and […]

I wasn’t born a victim…I certainly won’t die a victim… Irish Sue the Bank’s Update….

Debt Options…..time to take the fight to the Bank’s……

A notice from Debt Options “Dublin, Red Cow Inn Sat. 20th April. 9.30am to 10.30am NEW people who want to know more about Debt Options and what it could do for them. All welcome. 10.30am to 4.30pm Meeting for All from all over the country. This is our new monthly meeting and we hope to […]


With sincere thanks to my friend Tony Brogan… Talk is cheap. Here is a solution. Tear it apart if you can. It will be my standard answer from now on to any debate on improving this or that. We have to solve the fundamental problem nobody addresses. Our money system —————————————————– What is not understood, […]

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