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Mortgage holders ‘not fully informed of their rights’ | Irish Examiner

The Master of the High Court, Edmund Honohan, made the comments as he said mortgage holders must be prepared to fight for their rights in the courts amid any moves to alter loan arrangements. In an interview with the Irish Examiner, he addressed the sale of over 13,000 Irish Nationwide home mortgages which will be completed […]

Banks and they exist in the same sphere?….

…or is it the case that never the twain can meet? Is high finance the be all and end all of human existence? is it possible to incorporate moral clauses into financial contracts? is there a requirement for such clauses? Who says that the term of lets say a Mortgage Contract must be set in […]

High Court ruling throws Ulster Bank debt collection into doubt …Bankers Book Evidence Act…Hearsay Rule

Please pay special attention to this issue, the Master of the High Court in Dublin has been giving directions and decisions in this area for some time, this is one of the first times a Bank has been frustrated when attempting to circumvent the decision of the Master. (Special thanks to Jerry Beades for his […]

ICS (Irish Civil Service Building Society) Securitisation…Kildare Securities Ltd…..

So I had another friend ask if ICS (Irish Civil Service Building Society) had engaged in Securitisation? Short answer – YES  (it’s always yes ‘cos they all did) This one’s for you Pat & A But lets take a closer look….. first a little history…. Bank of Ireland bought ICS in 1985, prior to that […]

“NOVEL”…A Word every Judge loves to hear…….

Judges are no different from every working stiff, they get bored with the same old, same old, in fact nothing makes them happier that a “novel” case, something to exercise their learned minds, they really just love it! So start thinking outside the box, as lay litigants we are in the enviable position of not […]

Irrevocable Power of Attorney!!!!…….More sharp practice???????

A friend has asked me for my view on Irrevocable Power of Attorney, which is granted to a Lender in the Mortgage Charge as standard in Ireland. I have, over the past several years, asked many, many borrowers if they were aware that they had granted an “Irrevocable Power of Attorney” to their Bank as […]

Taking A Break…..

I am going to be absent for a while, taking a break to concentrate on more serious and important matters. Kindest regards to all, hope to return soon. God Bless

Sustainable Mortgage Debt Solutions…Bovine Fecal Matter….

Just when I think the spin and bovine fecal matter can’t get any worse in relation to Mortgage Debt we are today met with a whole new cacophony of opinions and statements. Firstly, there has been much spin around the return from “Coventry” of Ivan Yates, but Ivan, who has made much of his forced […]

Pay Your Mortgage With a Promissory Note…..

POSTING THIS AGAIN BECAUSE IT IS SO RELEVANT TODAY!   Edmund Honohan, Master of the High Court: ‘Promissory note‘ deal for mortgages ticks all boxes Allowing people to pay their mortgages by IOU for three years would release that cash into the economy. Edmond Honohan – 24 March 2013 Are we overlooking a simple way of […]

Allsop Space Irregularities …update..

We see today, a further reference to Mr Stephen McCarthy, one of the Irish directors of a number of companies representative and related to the Allsop Space Irish franchise, in the Irish Independent. This article confirms Mr McCarthy’s involvement as a director in Furze Road Developments Limited and states that the company has accumulated losses […]

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