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Be careful for what you wish for… Gaza, Ireland & death of our citizens.

Originally posted on LegalEagleStar:
This week we have seen Israel invade Gaza, not for the first time, with the slaughter of  its inhabitants. We’ve also seen the downing of a Malaysian Airlines Jet with the loss of life of those people on board. We’ve witnessed the ongoing dispute with Greyhound Bins who demand massive reductions…

THE TRUTH ABOUT INVESTOR CONFIDENCE: the media are ignoring it, but investors are losing it.

Originally posted on The Slog.:
The biggest banking group in central/eastern Europe announces a whopping loss (entirely stress-test related) that makes a nonsense of all previous analysis of its outlook and safety. Hold it up to the light, not a main-media article about it in sight. I don’t, on the whole, buy into MSM conspiracy…

The Enda Kenny Mask

Originally posted on AS I PLEASE:
I’m getting quite comfortable with Photoshop and Illustrator CS6, so I decided to get a bit satirical and political with it. Enda Kenny is an Irish Fine Gael politician, and has been the Taoiseach (Irish Prime-Minister) since March 2011. Fine Gael are a rather conservative group and are seen…

The Scott Expedition!

Originally posted on Colmbrazel's Blog:
Part 11 (from prev blog) The US government’s own data shows a net worth of minus $16.9 trillion, over 100% of GDP in the red.  And even in their most optimistic projections, the government tells us that growth in debt will outpace growth in tax revenue. US has not freed itself…

Statutes vs Law

Originally posted on diggerfortruth:
? by Roger Hayes Although Roger is part of the British Constitution Group, which I now believe to be controlled opposition. I sense Roger to be a genuine soul caught up the cogs. ? The main issue I have with the ‘Freeman-on-the-Land’ topics is that they never speak about the root…

Website Updated!; and “New Mission!”

Originally posted on Survivor's Who Stand Together:
We have decided to try our skills in a different area, (Survivors Who Stand Together) will now Act as a Voice ~ Broker (Watchdog) for all Survivors needing our help to insure all Survivors of Ireland’s Industrial Schools are helped and supported by the “Support Groups” who…

America’s Homeowners’ SuperPAC Launched!

Originally posted on Deadly Clear:
By Sydney Sullivan During the weekly Sunday afternoon Foreclosure Hour broadcast, Honolulu attorney Gary Dubin and former Governor John Waihee announced the formation of the Homeowners’ SuperPAC. “The time has come,” said Mr. Dubin, “where the voice of the American homeowner needs to be heard and the rights to live…

This week’s musical offering….the strong Irish Women of Song….

I think we as a nation should celebrate our women, in all walks of life, more than we do, to that end I give you my celebration of some, Irish Women in song. “BEHIND EVERY STRONG IRISH MAN IS A STRONGER IRISH WOMAN” You know who you are ..xx Lets start with a rendition of […]

JPMorgan, HSBC and Credit Agricole accused of euro rate-fixes

Originally posted on Follow The Money: The European Commission has accused JPMorgan, HSBC and Credit Agricole of colluding to fix a key euro benchmark borrowing rate – Euribor. JP Morgan and HSBC will fight the charges. Credit Agricole will study the European Commission’s findings. Penalties for the guilty are up to 10% of annual…

TEN DAYS IN MAY: A confluence flowing to disaster

Originally posted on The Slog.:
Although the Footsie 100 was up 0.6% last week, the 250 was down 3.1%. At the start of the that week – and most of the week before – the IT/hitech bubble sector was deflating rapidly….in some cases by a staggering 65%. Nazdaq, Dow and S&P futures in the US…


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