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zombie mortgage resolution practitioners…..and other thought’s…..

The following came to me as a comment on one of my recent posts from arthurohara, it was so good I have converted it to an actual post, have a good read……… I like many other good citizens have gone through some unique circumstances, which have added significantly to pain and suffering both physical and […]

Why am I the way I am?…….

I often sit and wonder why am I the way I am, why do I feel I have to do something about the wrongs I see with my own eye’s. I have lots of idea’s about this but the overriding and reoccurring response I give myself is: “I HAVE AWOKEN AND I CAN’T GO BACK […]

Ahead of the last day of Ben Gilroy’s Contempt trial at Dublin’s Four Courts……

“The Affidavit of Mark Reynolds” ….it makes my head hurt every time I read it and see such blatant abuse of the truth, the Courts and Institutions of the State…….. I know we still have the main issue of “Service” and whether Ben Gilroy had violated a Court Order, we will cover those after Thursday […]

Actual testimony from Canadian Courts – Creating Money…….

With thanks to our friends at Read for yourself…….. Appendix E – Money Is Created by Banks Evidence Given by Graham Towers     Some of the most frank evidence on banking practices was given by Graham F. Towers, Governor of the Central Bank of Canada (from 1934 to 1955), before the Canadian Government’s Committee on Banking […]

What happened in the High Court Dublin …today! You couldn’t make this stuff up……

I would like to congratulate Mr Mark Reynolds of “Savills” in Dublin …..(I think)! I say I think because Mr Reynolds, who was described generously by Ben Gilroy today, as an intelligent man, when he appeared in Court No3  at the Four Courts, Dublin to be cross-examined in the Contempt case against Mr Gilroy, wasn’t […]

What happened in Naas Courthouse today……..??? Update…..

A number of people have asked for an explanation of my comment on Facebook in relation to a success in Naas today I will try to explain as best I can….. The matter today concerned AIB Credit Card Services and a very good friend of mine from Kildare who would be known to most of […]

Summary Summons….Summary Judgment…I say Summary disgrace…..

There has been some chatter in certain area’s today and recently regarding the Master of the High Court here in Dublin, I have written previously with kind words and praise for his attention to Lay Litigants when the appear before him. see here: Although is quite evident that he has a small soft spot […]

Banking Union Time Bomb: Eurocrats Authorize Bailouts AND Bail-Ins | Common Dreams

Banking Union Time Bomb: Eurocrats Authorize Bailouts AND Bail-Ins | Common Dreams.

LIBOR….Court Decision on successful appeal of District Court Judgment…..

Appeal to the United States Court of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit in the matter of : HELEN GALOPE, an individual, Plaintiff – Appeallant                                                               […]

Understanding the trick that is Creation of Money…….

From the USA, maybe because no documents as detailed as this are circulating in Europe, but the end result is the same, with thanks to the folks at From an Irish perspective, anyone who wants to appreciate the objections to this issue from a few minded politicians way back in Irish history should read […]

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