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The Con Job Continues….Ulster Bank…..

Following on from the last post regarding Ulster Bank and their attempts to continue to hide the facts that they had securitised thousands of Irish Residential Mortgage’s from the Mortgagor‘s (you and me), the following document is a tender issued in 2011 by Ulster Bank to the Noteholder’s (entities who originally bought our Mortgages) to […]

Pride Comes Before A Fall…Ulster Bank….

It appears at least one of Ulster Bank’s Securitisation Tranches, namely, “Celtic Residential Irish Mortgage No.11 plc” is in deep trouble. Just to remind everyone, “Celtic Residential Irish Mortgage No.11 plc” contains: 15,850 Irish Residential Mortgages according to the document below, the original Prospectus contained 22,568 Morgages with a total value of €4,079,874,619.00 According to […]

Please support this very very worthy cause… private message Save Vaughan’s on Facebook, follow the Blog and email your name, phone number and the amount you can pledge. The Irish Government does not deem this Historic old building worth saving, it is up to the People of Ireland to make their voice heard by taking […]

Icelandic People Vindicated………

The following link is to the Judgement of EFTA Court (The Court of Justice of the European Free Trade Association) delivered yesterday 28th January 2013 in which, the Icelandic Government and People had all charges against them dismissed, the Court also ordered that the EFTA Surveillance Authority to pay its own cost’s and the costs incurred […]

Libor Lies Revealed………………

Libor Lies Revealed in Rigging of $300 Trillion Benchmark By Liam Vaughan & Gavin Finch – Jan 28, 2013 9:54 PM GMT Bloomberg Markets Magazine The benchmark rate for more than $300 trillion of contracts was based on honesty. New evidence in banking’s biggest scandal shows traders took it as a license to cheat. Graphic: Bloomberg Markets Every morning, from […]

Thoughts on Ireland’s Independence Day………

Thoughts on Ireland’s Independence Day at the Mansion House, January 21, and the state of play of Ireland’s sovereignty Supplied by, and with thanks to Robbie on January 28, 2013 at 22:00 The Mansion House – the once town house of the estimable Joshua Dawson was where a crop of enlightened denizens converged on the […]


With sincere thanks to my friend Tony Brogan… Talk is cheap. Here is a solution. Tear it apart if you can. It will be my standard answer from now on to any debate on improving this or that. We have to solve the fundamental problem nobody addresses. Our money system —————————————————– What is not understood, […]

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