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Bad report card for Ulster Bank Securitisation….

The following is a review and downgrade of Celtic Residential Irish Mortgage Securitisation No. 16 Ltd which closed  to the speculative markets in April 2010, What! I hear you say… yes April 2010! Even in the middle of the greatest economic disaster, caused by the Banks, it was business as usual as late as April […]

Mortgage Securitisation, among other things……

I have compiled a collection of statements, quotes and articles from the Banking sectors heady days of the Celtic Tiger era which reinforce the level of greed, avarice and sheer disregard for the ordinary homeowner without whom the gorging and mismanagement could not have occurred. It is very important to remember, without your signature on […]

The ghost houses of Ireland: Foreclosure and eviction

This article is from earlier this year but very much worth a re-post: DUBLIN—In Mairead Harold’s Irish childhood, there were no rugged mountains, stone-built cottages or seaside cliffs. Harold grew up poor in Dublin’s derelict Finglas neighbourhood, where rows of gritty semi-detached houses and parks have long been regarded as a haven for drug dealers […]

An oil bonanza, but not for the Irish people!

An oil bonanza, but not for the Irish people Britain’s North Sea oil boom was hardly a model of sustainable growth, yet Ireland looks set to make the same mistakes Michael Burke, Thursday 11 October 2012 16.31 BST Broadhaven Bay where the offshore Corrib gas field is located, Co Mayo, Ireland. Photograph: Murdo Macleod Discovery […]

The Irish Sue the Banks!


The Rising Speech for Ireland – Wild Irish Poet

Wording: The fight for Ireland The fight for Life The fight for our right for an ordinary decent life So Ireland is paying out Billions again The government which at this time does not represent this Country in any way shape or form We today remain Leaderless, we remain cast adrift in a European sea […]

What you should know about the Children’s Referendum

Reblogged with special thanks to Posted on October 17, 2012 by raymond If you love children, you’ll vote yes. Why wouldn’t you? If you are one of the less than 50% of the nation who actually votes, you wouldn’t want to seem as if you didn’t care about children would you? And you know something? That’s exactly […]

Victory in South Africa in Mortgage Securitization Fraud!!

Please read the following, but in short, the homeowner stated the following in an affidavit to the Courts which resulted in the Bank vacating the Judgement and paying all costs associated with the Court action: “It is the Applicant’s intention to settle the arrears with the lawful holder of this debt.” The Bank’s in Ireland have […]

Ireland’s Dirty Laundry…..

Last friday Oct 19th, following an article in the Wall Street Journal, Eddie Hobbs was interviewed on The Right Hook, he was tackled on a point which was that he should not have written the article in the WSJ as it was “washing Irelands dirty laundry in public in the USA“, Eddie explained that essentially […]

Today’s Anti Eviction March – Dundalk

I just returned from the Anti Eviction March in Dundalk Co Louth, great day, great weather, great people. It was fantastic to see people from all over Ireland present, the folks from Anti Household Charges from Carlow/Kilkenny folks from Trim and of course Dundalk itself, it would have been nice to see more people out […]


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